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Secrets of pole dancingsecrets of pole dancing

pole dancing as we know it is a recent phenomenon which originated in the 1980s from the strip clubs and girlie bars in Canada, of all places.

It has become synonymous with patpong though the well-informed consider this to be a dance or even sporting activity akin to gymnastics using a pole instead of the pommel horse, uneven bars, still rings or high bar.

It also proves the human capacity for creativity with nothing more than a solitary pole!

In its alternate universe, pole dancing started as the much feted May Pole Dance from the Dark Ages and is still seen today in rural village squares. With one huge upright pole ending in a knob, it obviously was a pagan phallic symbol of fertility.

Virgins would dance round it on the first day of the merry month of May, each holding a long ribbon attached to the top of the pole.

The sexual connotations were pretty obvious as the pole represented the male reproductive organ and the women were the brides waiting for their princes in shining armour.

Ancient Britons erected May Poles even before the Roman invasion in 43 AD to pay homage to the Horned God who presided over pregnant women and was said to occasionally have had a hand (or other organ!) in it.

The May Pole dance was also connected to the Feast of Flora, goddess of flowers and plants, when girls who had reached puberty were allowed to participate. The prettiest dancer would be crowned May Queen and garlanded with flowers.

By the Middle Ages. the maiden was called Maid Marion accompanied by the buffoon Friar Tuck and the Morris dancers with 12 young men and women holding hands.

There was even Robin Hood who acted as Master of Ceremony and Jack O'Green fantastically bedecked in flowers.
It was a matter of time before the sole pole became embellished. Instead of stationary, there is the pole with ball bearings which spins on its own axis. allowing the dancer ro spin even faster with greater speed and momentum.

The effect, like the vodka ad. Is shattering as the spinning dancer looks like a demented dervish.

There are now acrylic 'giowpoles' with LED lights embedded inside which sparkle and twinkle. plastic poles containing water filled with glitter and reflective materials and strobe lights hidden in the base joists. All the better for dancers to grind against!

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