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Pietro FelixWho is Pietro Felix?

Pietro Ambrose Felix sounds exotically foreign and could be French, Portuguese or Spanish. "I am Filipino-Chinese. There's mote of course but let's not confuse people," grins the 32 yr old celebrity Mix,FM deejay,

Some listeners assume the exotic name is a nora de plume, but "this is the name on my IC and passport," he says.
“I had an argument: recently with an Indian guy who refused to believe when I told him i was Pietro Felix. He told me vehemently Pietro is Indian and I don't look Indian so I couldn't be Pietro!"

Penang-bem Pietro (a fluent Hokkien speaker) worked at Positive Tone for seven years
managing some weltknown stars. Then he won a deejay contest organized by Hitz.FM,
dumped the stars and joined the station. "It was a quantum leap but I was stressed out managing stars who got on my nerves. I vowed to deal no more with egos,"

He has been doing the Breakfast Show for two years. from 6 to 10 am which is not a piece of pie either. "l have to wake at 4.45am Monday to Friday to he at ASTRO by 5.30am." he sighs.

At first I found it amusing but not any longer as it is getting on my nerves, not that I am thinking of jumping ship again!"

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