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POLE dancing is a relatively new phenomenon. an extension of the age-old art of exotic dance.

Its history,can be traced back to ancient Sumerian times; there was then a myth of the goddess Innana who descended into Hades to find
her lover Damouz.

At each of the seven gates of Hades. she removed a veil and jewel. The Earth was barren for as long as Innana remained there,but when she returned. the Earth was again fruitful and abundant.pole dancing

Innana’s dance lived on as the famous dance of the seven veils of Salome, who danced for King Herod in the 0ld Testament. Striptease in its many forms made lts way out through Sumeria,Mesopotamia, Asia and west into the near East and southern Europe,via the Gypsies.

Today, with the changes in cultural perceptions and expressions of sexuality,the ancient art of striptease. while still containing original elements of the art form,has been adjusted for a modern world. One of the variations is the inclusion of pole dancing, A combination of feminine, sensual movements with acrobatic feats of strength, combined with the polish of a dancer and entertainer.

Pole dancing seems to have had its roots in striP clubs in Canada and spread to the US,finally reaching the UK, Europe, and now,Asia Pacific.

From something performed in a strip-related environment,pole dancing has evolved into an art form, performed in various environments from more mainstream theatre to cabaret to corporate conventions. Competitions are held everywhere. showcasing pole dancing on lts own without nudity. Pole dancing is now perceived by many to be a stand-alone art.

Some quarters have even attempted to have pole dancing recognised as an Olympic event. Certainly this emphasis serves to have pole dancing recognised as something more than simply a sleazy practice.

And while people everywhere argue about the revolution in women’s sexuality and freedom of expression,and whether pole dancing enhances that expression or restricts it to old-fashioned stereotypes, there are nevertheless women continuing to practice their pole dancing, strengthening their bodies,challenging their minds, and extending their self expression.

Out of the mouth of Kittens - Injuries are common and in her quest to better herself, she overdid a backward bend and threw out her back. Luckily, it was just a minor injury and she recovered speedily. Yazliana's best stunt is the Ballerina man oeuvre where she climbs up the pole, swings one leg around and swivels down to the floor. She can manage four to five full circles on a good day.

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